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First Aid Antiseptic Lotion Honeymark’s First Aid Antiseptic Lotion with Manuka honey is effective in treating wounds, burns, blisters and infections.  There are many wound care products on the market, many of which contain synthetic and chemical-based ingredients.  Honeymark’s First Aid Antiseptic Lotion is made with all natural ingredients for individuals who dislike using products that have questionably unsafe ingredients.  

Some wounds that don’t heal easily may be infected.  It is difficult for skin to heal when bacterial microorganisms are feeding on the damaged tissue.  Antiseptic products help to heal these wounds by destroying the infectious bacteria that is preventing the skin from healing.  Once the bacteria have been eliminated, the skin can begin to heal itself.  

Honeymark’s First Aid Antiseptic Lotion also contains natural ingredients that are moisturizing.  Hydrated skin heals faster than dry skin.    You can either apply the product directly to the wound or apply it to a bandage and then apply the bandage over the wound.  Using a bandage will ensure that the product stays in place, particularly if it’s in an area that can be easily smeared by clothing.  No antiseptic will treat a wound if it’s smeared away from the site of the wound.  

This product is for external use only.  All Honeymark products contain active Manuka honey from New Zealand.  Honeymark products are not tested on animals.  For more information or to purchase Honeymark's First Aid Antiseptic Lotion or other Manuka honey products, call 1-866-427-7329 or visit www.HoneymarkProducts.com.